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Camp Wynncliff Course Descriptions and Schedule

Camp Wynncliff is a week long Summer camp for boys aged 10-14 on a 23 acres farm on the shores of Lake Michigan (11803 Lakeshore Drive, Cleveland, WI  53015).  Campers will gain knowledge and experience in wood-working, electronics or computer software programming under the direction of volunteer men. Outside of class, campers are under the supervision of young adult male role models and will attend daily Mass along with other daily devotions and participate in team sports and enjoy fun night games to include a scavenger hunt.  Three "home-cooked" meals are served each day to ensure campers are well nourished for their fun-filled days.

Call (920)-482-2528 or email for more information.

Registration Process

1 - Submit application online starting Jan 14th through Feb 11th, 2024 with $50 non-refundable deposit (check or credit card).

2 - Receive auto-generated application acknowledgment email upon submission of application.

3 - Receive final registration confirmation email no later than March 1st, 2024 with course assignment.

4 - After receipt of confirmation, complete required forms and submit online or mail with payment no later than April 1st, 2024. Full cost (including deposit) is $725 per camper.

Course Descriptions



Woodworking classes are progressive. Therefore instructors ask that students have taken previous class(es) in the series for whichever class is selected (e.g. W100 is required in order to register for W200). 

W100 - Shop Workbench

Students will learn beginner level skills using various hand tools (saws, hand drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, etc.) as well as the design principles involved in building a workbench. They will complete this project by the end of the week.  If choosing this class, please be prepared to transport home a 4'w x 2'd x 3'h wooden workbench.

W200 - Study Desk with Bookshelf

Woodworking 200 builds on the skills and tools used in W100. We will be introducing 45 degree angle cuts with hand mitre saws and advanced anchoring techniques to strengthen the project. In addition, more attention will be given to trim pieces to produce a more finished project.

The desk measures 25”deep X 32”wide X 30” high with a detachable book shelf 27” tall X 27” wide X 10” deep.

W300 - Kitchen Island Cart ($200 additional surcharge due to material cost)

Woodworking 300, while continuing to build on developed skills and tools, will add more power tools such as sanders and drills. The focus will be more on reading and following printed plans instead of cutting materials. Installation of drawer slides and casters along with continued finishing touches are added.

The solid hardwood Kitchen Island Cart measures 48” wide X 25” deep X 34” high.  Please note, this project cannot be taken apart for ease of transport!

W400 - Storage Chest

Woodworking 400 is an advanced project requiring the student to take rough cut lumber and finish it for use in the project. New techniques for joining boards together to form the sides of the chest will be introduced as well as hand planing to necessary angles for the top. Installation of hardware for the top hinge and handles is introduced.

The finished storage chest is 36” wide X 18” deep X 20” high.



Students will learn the basics of electricity and magnetism, and how to solder electronic components.  They will receive demonstrations of electrical concepts, circuits and components.  Using their soldering skill, they will construct fun electronic kits and projects which they can take home.


Advanced electricity concepts will be presented.  Electronic kits of increased complexity will be constructed.  Students will also be introduced to the Arduino microcontroller.  Arduino is an open-source platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.  Arduinos can be used to build fun, simple electronic projects or complex ones.  Arduino has a community of users around the world who share on-line tutorials, project ideas, code and support that students can utilize for their own additional study.


Arduino microcontroller technology will be explored in more advanced detail.  Arduino programming will be introduced, and applications will be constructed by the student to demonstrate some of the capability of this technology.  Familiarity will be gained in using sensors, indicators, displays, motors and other components to create projects that interact with the world around us.



Computer Software Programming


Students will design 3 different games: a ball game (like Pong), a maze game (like Pac-Man) and a scrolling game (like Space Invaders).

Students will follow a five-step game design process:

1.  Discover - Explore game assets, design tools and programming techniques.

2.  Design - Combine bitmap and vector graphics to create game sprites and backdrops.

3.  Develop - Program sprite behaviors and game mechanics toward increasingly complex games.

4.  Debug - Continually playtest the game, fix bugs and improve the quality of gameplay.

5.  Deliver- Share the game by publishing online and presenting in the end of the week student showcase.


Students will learn the basics of the Python programming language by learning how to hack the popular game, Minecraft.  Using code and the terminal window, the students will make updates to their world, including blocks, movement, enemies and more.  This class will cover the following topics:

1.  Command structure and syntax

2.  Parameters and coordinates 

3.  Variables, lists and methods

4.  Agents, loops and sequences

5.  Conditions, booleans, and functions



Sunday, June 23th, 2024 

 11:00 am - Holy Mass for those unable to attend before arriving.

          (the Chapel seats approximately 50, more attendees are possible outside, weather permitting)

 12:30 pm - Picnic lunch provided for campers and their families arriving prior to Check-in.

   1 - 3 pm - Campers arrive / Check-in at the Barn, meet counselor and are shown to their room.  

 The remainder of the afternoon and evening consists of an orientation talk, recreation/sports, introduction to classes, dinner and a night game.

Monday - Friday, June 24 - 28, 2024

 Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each day.

 Mornings include Holy Mass, a virtue talk and class sessions.

 Afternoons include class sessions and recreation/sports.

 Evenings include Rosary, night games and an examination of conscience before bed.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

 The day starts with Holy Mass followed by breakfast.

 Campers pack and clean from 9 am - 10:30 am

 Parents may pick up their sons between10:30 am and 11:30 am at the Barn.

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